Just another day studying at the Library 
I have to know all the bones for a Test, It helps me study when I draw out everything and label it on the White Board :)

Two EXPO markers died for this….May they RIP
…I hope I get an A in their honor. 

my only regret is not being able to finish drawing the bottom half legs …ugggg …but I put some pics of my progress (^_^) hehe 

My friend trying to convince me Lemon Oreos are Amazing on FB…

My friend trying to convince me Lemon Oreos are Amazing on FB…


Me: “Whoa! so did you know in England 911 is 999?”

Roommate: “In Australia its 000”

Me: “Well of course because you have a zero chance of living”

Roommate: “….Well….yeah”

Now This Picture…It’s ALL Mine!
Truly one of my best pictures ive ever drawn :’)
I drew looking at my friend’s face for reference…now unless my friend copyrights her face…lol  but I got her permission to put her beautiful face up! :) I gotta tell you drawing the Fro was the fun/ long part :)

I used Black & White Conte crayons.
and some charcoal for the darker areas 

um… I only think it took me …3 hours? I dunno I drew it around midnight? finished around 3am? …i work best at night… especially when the pressure of its due the next morning is over my head…ehehe 

One of the only pictures my Art teacher ever liked… *sighh*

lucydiam0nd said: Hey there. So as most other people, I really enjoyed your white board Doctor Who 50th tribute. I help admin a DW fan page and I put one of your photos on there with links back to your Tumblr so you would be credited. It's got almost 100 likes and 19 shares so far and quite a few comments from people. Just thought you might like to read them since they are for you =] The Facebook fan page is called Doctor Who is The Greatest Show In The Galaxy.

Thanks! Thats awesome! I’ll go cheackout the Tumblr/FB page :)

alecfine said: Your art is amazing you are amazing. Don't listen to the people complaining about using other people's art as guild lines or a reference. You drew it, you put your style in to and just because it's based off another piece, doesn't mean it is the same. Just remember to give credit where credit is needed and dont just copy it exactly. But as I was saying; I wish I could draw like you, you're just ugh. Keep drawing you're perfect you lovely human being

Its not the same… Its also not proportionally correct because Expo markers are dumb… If i had drawn it on paper I wouldn’t say i drew it…that feels more like copying…  I was just showing people how even though its hard i drew on a wipe board… It was sooo hard and tedious! but i did it!  
and thank you so much for your message! U are a wonderful human being for being nice to others when they didnt know they were in the wrong :)

artisticvulpes said: Honey, you don't NEED to reply to everyone! You can delete the duplicate messages and the hate. You've already answered and changed the post, you don't need to reply to everyone. You've already taken the correct course of action.

but isnt that mean to not reply? 
though it would be better to not answer some message…
Thank you for you message :’)

elfybacon said: you are amazing! expo marker drawings are super impressive!!! I will warn you to prepare for a storm. I know you are new to tumblr, and that you had no intentions for this getting attention but the persons artwork that inspired this will get attention with what they reblogged. (wasn't bad. just claiming as their work i think) keep your head high. People can get nasty here and they don't look up if you apologized or not. they can be brutal. I'd love to see more art you've done!! -Shelly

Oh yes I have seen some of that “nasty” ness Lately… honestly being new to Tumblr I was quite surprised my all (if any) attention i was getting! I think if i put more of my Art work up people will calm down (^_^;) …thats my hope!
Honestly you are one of the few people who have really made me feel better! Thanks! 

amp-u-tee said: Would you be offended if I said I wanted to punch you in the face but not in a OOOO IM GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE way?

ummm…haha lol 
Actually I get Punched a lot more than most Girls because i do ALOT of Martial Arts…. But Hey if your okay with being Hit/kicked/or thrown back go for it :D 

melleelovesyou said: Hi, yes, can we be friends? Pretty sure I'm going to need pre-vet advice for next year???

Lol sure!  Are you just starting College??
If so… know the road to be a vet… yeah its a hard one. More so depending where you go. 

skittlesnightmare said: I wish I could draw like u ^_^ I'm so jelly of u

Thanks! but really with practice anyone can draw well! …just dont draw with Expo markers….IT IS SO HARD. (x_X) Lol  Paper and Pencil is nice :D

But just to make sure people know … I doodled this looking off different images on Google so its a mash up of images…. Most of the images are based off from an amazing artist ElectroCereal on Deviant Art. <- I learned that today (^_^;)
It was a Doodle i did for fun and the Doctor! :)

buzgu said: HELLOOO may i be you friend?

…Sure! lol